I´m there!

It´s been a tougher ride than I expected, but, I´m finally there.
The last kg was most definitely not giving up without a fight.
After a weekend of a super-special diet, consisting of fibre, fat and protein powder (eaten as shakes), I´m back on the tiny amount of 800-1.000 calories a day and feeling good.
Introduced carbs lightly again yesterday and it seems to work.

Hardly recognize my body when I look myself in the mirror.
I look fit (6-pack, ohoy!), but skinny. Too bloody skinny for my liking.
3 days to go...


Magnus said...

Du får börja skriva mo i små bokstäver nu snart mini- inte MO;) Teskedsgumman var 70-talet, nu är det Kettlebellgumman:-)

kram M

mojo said...

Hahahaha, du har faktiskt helt rätt i det, Magnus!