One step closer?

Mo: This must mean I´m one step closer to my 5-year goal of being on the front cover of DI??? The twins owned the front page of DI today. It´s flattering when the company that you have worked with for the last 3-4yrs wins the "New Young Gaselle company of the year" in competition with 98 other companies.

To qualify for the competition the company needs to:

1. have grown organically
2. have done at least 3 annual reports
3. employ at least 5 people
4. have an annual turnover of at least 4Mkr
5. have increased its turn over with a minimum 50% over the last year
6. be led by an entrepeneur under the age of 40

Activio´s latest turn over was almost 9Mkr (number 81 on the list turned over 100Mkr+), but the impressive stuff was the increase from the year before: 311%.

Well done guys, we deserve it!

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