A day (almost) off with Mo

Mo: One of these days... Woke up at 06.45 by the scaffolders who were dismantling the scaffolding around the church opposite our bedroom window... On my day off. If I had had a machine gun there would have been blood. A massacre going down in my street.
I´m not kidding.
I even imagined how I could use the inside edge of my deep bedroom window as support for my AK4. Afterwards I would have a smoothie.

Instead I went to yoga.

Wonderful morning class with Jo. Funny moment: Jo: "...bend your back more...more!...push into my hand!...! Me thinking: "I`m PUSHING! ...and I KNOW THAT NOTHING IS HAPPENING since that is my immobile part of my bloody back!!!" Jo:"...ehhh, great...there´s a small bend there now, I think?" Me thinking: "Yeah, right!" So that is how my students feels?

After breakfast with P and Jo, I went to teach my morning yoga at Gymnasium. Wonderful crowd - wonderful class.

At 11.00 P and I went running around 8:an in Skatås (8k). Sunshine. 11 degrees. Fresh air. Bliss.

Had lunch. Handed in my bike with the puncture.

Worked for 2h (yes, I know, I should have had the day off, but it was almost a day off, right?). Picked up my bike and a take away coffee.

Drove back out to Gymnasium to teach a 60min spinning class. As mentioned before, I love that class, the people coming to it are so dedicated and so strong, it´s a pleasure to lead them through their workout.

Back home now. Will have a phenomenal chicken cooked in coconut sauce with peppers and mushrooms, served with quinoa, followed by apple pie. YUM! No, I did not do the cooking. P did. I´m useless in the kitchen...
Yes, I know I´m spoilt.

After dinner, an episode of "Cashmere Mafia" and then bedtime..


A day (almost) off with Mo...

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