Mo: We discussed it last night. Was it legal if you made the turn about 5m into Aschebergsgatan and then drove straight across?
I said no, P said yes.

When we returned home from Gymnasium and Martin Lidberg´s lecture tonight, we raced down Övre Husargatan. P overtook me at the red light, knowing very well that even if I have racer car blood, my Aygo does only have a 1l engine. I was fuming.

Approaching Vasaplatsen, I considered turning left on Vasa/Viktoriagatan, but the snail in the Opel in front of us made me reconsider - it wouldn´t be faster if I got caught behind him.
After checking right and left at Vasaplatsen, we raced across and didn´t even bother about the extra 5m to the right.

15m into the next street we were waved down. The police.
I couldn´t help but laughing at the irony of the situation.

"Husband" and "wife" team getting flagged down in two separate cars for the SAME traffic offence! What are the odds?!

P showed his driving license. The police man pulled out the alco-tester.
"Ohhh, do we get tested?" I couldn´t help but being a bit happy about getting alco-tested for only the third time in my life.
"Are you two together?" The very receptive (young;read handsome...) policeman asked.
"And you are both aware what traffic offence you just commited?"
"Well, yes, sort of...we actually discussed this yesterday..."
"And what did you come up with?"
"That it is legal if you turn right first and then go across?" I was lying through my teeth. And smiling about it. Sweetly.
"You were wrong...
But...Shall I give you a family price? Two for the price of one?"
"???...ehhh, yes, please"
"Who will take the ticket?"
P stepped up like the true trooper he is.
I had to ask one more time "...so it´s ok that I leave?"
"Yes, you can share the bill when you come home."

So F.Y.I - it´s illegal to drive straight across Vasaplatsen, 5m to the right or not. And if you get caught... it´ll cost you 1.000 SEK. (Actually 2.000 SEK if you do it in two different cars, one after the other, unless you get caught by a policeman who is in an exceptional good mood...)
A VERY expensive way to be proven right.


Asia said...

very funny story even though I don't know what a Aschebergsgatann is. keep up the great posts;; you are interesting to read about.

mojo said...

Thanks :)

Aschebergsgatan is a street in the center of Gothenburg. Not to be crossed in the wrong place.