I got it from my mama


Jo: After doing some thinking I have to blame it al on my mama!

1 I LOVE the smell of AJAX allrent, it makes me shiver with joy and mys! I cannot stand a dirty apartment. Even when I have TONS of very important work to do, if my place is messy or dirty I have to clean it first before doing anything (another solution I found is to escape) ...else!

2 The sound of the vacuum cleaner does the same for me, jag myser rakt in i själen (perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my mother used to turn on the vacuum cleaner and put it under my baby bed – it was the only way to make me sleep).

3 I hate skrynkliga underlakan it just doesn’t work for me!

4 And what’s up with guys wanting to come home to you just like that, helt appropå, for sex. Yeah yeah I agree with Mo, foreplay for hours and hours is not my thing either but what happened to dinner? Or even a fika?

Note: Note sure about N4, don’t know if I got that from my mama?!

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