From macho to glamour...

Mo: Never say I´m not versatile...from raw, macho kettlebell-training at 3pm with a wonderfully motivated group of 30people (couldn´t believe the class was full, with the sun shining outside on a beautiful spring day) to an evening of food, snacks and glamour with the girls!

I expect them around 8pm with party dresses on and high heels ready. I´ll be serving an Italian theme with pizza - I love that, because it will be the last thing that they expect in this house... - pieces of parmesan cheese, tomatoes and mozzarella pn sticks + olives and of course Italian wine.

As a welcome drink we´re having freshly made appletinis - 50% juice made from fresh apples in my juicer and 50% vodka + crushed ice, shake vigorously, separate the ice from the drink and voilà: you got a healthy (well, sort of...) appletini!

We´re on the guest list at Push and it will be nice to see if it lives up to its reputation as Gothenburg´s hottest night club at the moment... I must admit - it will be so much fun to dance the night away! I´m just hoping tomorrow morning will be just as fun... :)


david santos said...

Hello, Mojo!
Great post! I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.

mojo said...

Thank you David for being a MOJO-reader!

Photos from our GLAM-evening will be posted later today. :)