Revolutionary decision

Mo: There was a period in my life that I got completely hooked on "ER". I watched it every day for about 3 months! I also had a weakness for "Scrubs" during it´s first 2 seasons in Sweden. At the moment my favourite show of all is "House". I ADORE Gregory House, and I´m quite sure that I have a not so secret crush on Hugh Laurie, at least that´s what P keeps telling me.

All of these hospital inspired TV-shows... it´s so funny that I got casted as a head of medical department in the modelling job I did today. I got paid to wear a white coat and to look all conservative, academic and knowledgeable... :)

For being an ex-TV-show person it will probably shock you when I tell you that I don´t own a TV today. My friends have got used to the idea by now, but it still raises more than a few eye brows in ALL social circles when you drop the comment: "...ehh..no actually I haven´t seen that person/show/series/program/ad/etc...since we don´t have a TV"

The response is of mixed character. Everything from a dropped chin, stunned (or embarrased/awkward - "Poor people, can´t they afford a TV???") silence, to a gasp:

"WHAT???! You don´t have a TV???!!!"

It´s amazing how we are the only people we know who have actually CHOSEN not to have a TV.

I must admit - it wasn´t my idea. When P first mentioned it, I rolled my eyes and went: "Are you kidding? No TV? Why?" But in a moment of madness, I said yes, let´s give it a try for a couple of months. And you know what? I haven´t even missed it ONCE!
When I really want to see something, I watch it on DVD, in the cinema or .....beep....it and watch it on the computer.

When I thought back on exactly HOW many hours I had spent (on the few occasions when I had some free time) just zapping between channels and then ending up watching "You are what you eat", "Nanny 101", "Top Model" and the DIY-program of the day + a whole load of bullsh..t advertising - I felt dizzy and sick. Actually on a night like that I would feel nauseated after 2h of "fast-food-TV", very much like the feeling you can get after too many gossip magazines, paparazzi photographs, a meal at McDonalds or too many sweets.

The free time you suddenly get every night from not having a TV is amazing. The quality time that you spend with your partner is second to none. The freshness in your head when you go to bed - with only chosen images on your mind is very different from the lethargic feeling you can have after too many war images, too much crappy sit com or too many sanitary towel adverts...

I challenge you to try it. I challenge you to try it and to find out what you could do with those hours instead, whether those hours are spent on your own, a good book, in the company of friends, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, children or your pet.

Keep me posted. Let me know how it goes and good luck!


M said...


I follow your blog every so often and got hooked on this thing about TV.

I got to know a friend some year ago who just slept 6hrs per night and didn't watch TV. I was hooked on all kinds of series at that time but was amazed of how much he was able to complete in just one day.

SO i stoped it, I stoped watching TV and when I moved abroad it was even less important.

Now i have a TV at home but it gets turned on perhaps once a wekk sometimes not even that.

It's amazing how much free time you release and can actually spend on oher things. Such as meeting people IRL!

Good luck!!


mojo said...

Hi M,

Yeah, I find it a great way of actually LIVING YOUR LIFE instead of living through someone else´s experience (i.e. a TV-character, docu-soap, or else)by watching TV for hours on end every day/night.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!
I hope that M doesn't read this particular entry since I bet you that he'd probably take you up on the challenge and that would be devastating for me since i LOVE TV.

Good for you, though. Impressive to quit cold turkey.

/Rob - the snob

mojo said...

Oh, beautiful Rob, I´m sorry to say this has been one of M´s and my favourite topics in our last travels together...
If the TV has gone one day when you return back home from work...think about what P says: "Having no TV is the new black"! (Yes, he really did say that). :D

Love and kisses

Anonymous said...

Oh no he didn't!?
Did P say that? That is all an awfully mertrosexual thing to say. I am impressed and not at all surprised that he managed to win you over with that comment. He is one clever man. He knows how to speak woman.

I am dreading the day when M will approach me with the TV ditching suggestion. I'll probably not be able to keep from crying. Bye America's Next Top Model! Bye Project Runway! Bye Cashmere Mafia! Bye Ugly Betty! Bye Desperate Housewives! By Grey's Anatomy! Bye Heroes! Buhuuuuu!!!


mojo said...

I KNOW, it´s quite unbelievable isn´t it?! I´m like, Whoha, is my influence that strong already (after only 15months!), or is this the REAL P???

Honey, don´t worry, if M really means business with the no-TV-lifestyle - imagine the 6life the two of you are going to have - and I´m guessing it´s not half bad today! ;)

Love and kisses

Denna said...

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