Baby Got BACK

Jo: Lately I have been …. Well ….. I have been …. Distracted by life!

So distracted that I will have to give it to you in Swenglish (my closest already call me Victoria Silverstedt so here it goes):

  • I have lost a family member
  • I have gained a family member
  • I parkerade min resväska på flygbussen, gick för att handla käk, kom tillbaka då bussen åkte, träffade en polis, bad honom “follow that buss”! Hoppade på halvvägs in mot stan med många undrande blickar riktade mot mig o en arg busskvinna
  • Got robbed at 7/11 på Järntorget (killen hade sett LITE många bad boys filmer!)
  • Was on the cover of a magazine
  • Taught a cardio class after no sleep, party all night long, with a medelpuls på 99% av max
  • Got a really nice löneökning

Do you really want me to continue?? Cause I got MORE….n MORE….n MORE….

If you think you can handle the truth

Can you?


Anonymous said...

Give us the truth, the hole truth and nothing but the truth!

We can handle it!

Mia Nilsson said...

Hihi I found my way here :) soo who´s the gained family member if i´m allowed to ask? If im not just ignore.. hehe.. Im at work, boring, give me some weekend..:) Okey im glad I have a new blog to read, kind of getting a bit fed up with von sydow och engla!! Love you JOJO// and congrats to the "löneökning" Puss