Glam, fab, wonderful and sexy...

Å.H, E.H & M.G living it large at PUSH

M.G, Mo and Å.H posing at Lounge(s)
whilst E.H is bribing the DJ to play r´n´b

Mo: I let the pictures speak for themselves. Some of the best moments in my life have been spent laughing, discussing, contemplating, gossiping and just being in the wonderful company of other women. Last night was full of such moments...

M.G & E.H two phenomenal role models for mothers with 2 children, who manages to juggle family life, work and the ability to look completely STUNNING when the night brings it on.
Å.H a beautiful friend for life who has been there through thick and thin and who will still be there in years and years to come.

Yes, and for all the men reading this blog, it´s true: when women get down for an evening of drinks, glamour and gossiping, we DO talk about sex, breasts, relationships and the importance of the size of a man´s... By the way, whatever was discussed in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen, but just to let you have a sneak peak:

Top 3 things that a man can do to impress a woman that he wants to be romantically/sexually involved with:

1. Don´t hesitate when the time has come. Show her that you really want her and that you can "handle" her. Never worry that she will break - she´s not made of porcelain.

2. Foreplay is all good - but not for hours! - if she goes quiet and doesn´t move in half an hour, she has probably fallen asleep and wants you to wake her up when the action starts...

3. Be sure to become a fantastic kisser. If you can do the kissing right - and not only right but as a true World Champion - she will melt in your hands and (maybe even) be yours forever.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mo
i have a question my darling...
Wifey came home last night and demanded 30000 swedish. My reply was; what´s that for? Her reply was, well its for a little something...eh??!!!! MG