Har dammat hela lgh , nu dhamma mig!

This weekend has been beautiful!
Being used to be working every weekend I realize that it is quiet scary to have a weekend off, strange huh..!

I have so much energy that I do not know what to do with it all, (fyi I have FRÖBJUDIT myself to do ANY kind of WORK)!

Friday: My love and me made an amazing dinner, with my old Ipod on shuffle; it was doomed to be a onehitwonder evening! High Heels on and we were off into the night, taking one cab after the other (we couldn't walk the 30m between the clubs, our heels were that high, thank you MO!), dancing the night away!

(By the way the hats are from Himalayas, bra röd tråd i bloggen :)

Saturday: Only to wake up 30min before my photo shoot jihaaa!
OFF with the old ON with the new (make up), a take away breakfast at Muffins mm and I was off. Had a great time playing upside down but some poses that usually are my favorites didn't feel all that good :)

Took a stroll in the amazing sun with a carrot ginger juice and it must have done something to my system, perhaps it was the combo of all that sun, inversion and raw pure carrot energy cause I went home to my kitchen that looked like a nightmare from the night before, there was the smell o cigarettes in the air (and I HATE smoking) and I could not see my sofa because of all the outfits we played with before deciding on the shortest skirt we could find :)

Instead of crashing in my bed I started SPRING CLEANING (witch includes scrubba badrum, tvätta all tvätt, inkl handtvätt, putsa fönster om ni kommer ihåg stod detta på min hat lista! tvätta ugn, kyl o frys, damma bokhyllor + allt det där andra som man gör när man städar).

When it was all done, and I couldn’t think of another tiny little place to polish I cooked dinner, read my e-mail, went for an evening walk, drank some champagne with the girls, hired Closer only to find out that it didn’t work, the DVD was scratched :( Saw Butterfly Effect instead and feel asleep dreaming about my next VIPASSANA. I thought that I would wake up at 8ish, planning on taking a BP class at 11 but NOPE.

Sunday: I guess my SUPERHUMAN juice injection was over and I woke up at 1130am feeling very MYSIG!

So now that all else has been done thanks to my OUT OF THIS WORLD energy weekend and I can't find another spot to damma av in my apt. I have decided to dhamma av my MIND! I'm doing a 4day VIPASSANA course for old students next week in the middle of Sweden. And I found the clip above on Youtube with GOENKA, my Meditation Teacher.

In short: VIPASSANA SILENT MEDITATION is 10days of no speaking, only meditating in a big hall from 4am-930pm every day. At 7 pm you get to see a "FILM" with this dude speaking for one hour. If I tell you that this was THE thing I was looking forward to everyday you might get a sense of what it is like to do a VIPASSANA retreat. Up in the Himalayas where I did my VIPASSANA I had a cold so I got 7 VICKS tabletter. My ritual was to cover myself in blankets, socks, and hats in the meditation hall in front of the TV at 7, with a hot water bottle and ONE VICKS. The bare thought of this helped me get trough the days. My challenge this time, is to do it without the VICKS!

Wish me luck!

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