Day 2-4 in New York...

Mo: What can I tell you about these 3 days?
I blew the total of my shopping budget in one day... Yesterday Jarl took us to an amazing outlet north of NY (I have to kill you after I tell you exactely where...) and we spent about, ehh, the whole day running (yes, running!) between Gucci, YSL, Fendi, etc etc.

More yoga, had a fun class with the m.a.d founder of Laughing Lotus: Dana Flynn. Crazy stuff, but she got me sweating (and no, I did not faint....)

More news later, leaving for class now...

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21.20 Sunday
Finally got to a Jivamukti-class today (after I realized I had forgotten which number on Broadway I would find Om yoga...). Jivamukti is one of the world`s most famous yoga schools. It prouds itself on resting on the firm pillars of having the right yogic attitude, chanting, learning sanskrit, meditation, having a strong practise etc. You could say my expectations were high...
By the way, chanting ("singing" in the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit) is NOT my thing.
So, 10 minutes into the class having had to listen and "sing" to the TERRIBLE false voice of the "holier than thou"-instructor I`m ready to wish for a sing-a-long to Schlager. (Well, almost...)

The rest was the "Emperor`s new clothes" - Jez, I would have had a better class in Gothenburg!

What is the lesson of today?

1. Chanting makes people look stupid. And sound even worse. People who start holding their hand cupped by their ear (think live singing recording, or a soul singer whaling) whilst chanting and waving their body from side to side should probably be shot.
2. Yoga in the big Apple does not automatically qualify in the Big League.
3. Marketing is everything. Jivamukti has done their homework. An average class can still suck.

To be continued....


Jo said...

Mo, app I've spoiled you!

See u soon partner ;)


mojo said...

You HAVE honey! Miss you,