Who let the DOG out...

Guilty as charged!

Sweet morning started with:
  • my meditation (yeees, not being proud I know I know… but yeees!!! I feel so good every time I get up early and do my meditation, yesbamthankyoumam)
  • took along morning walk in the forest (slottskogen haha, anyone wanna join me for Frisbee Golf?)
  • had an amazing breakfast and home made cappuccino (the best in town, my NESPRESSO is the shit!)
  • before I went to work. What an efficient förmiddag ☺
Meet my mother for lunch, she’s in town to design and develop the look of a new SURPRISE that will HIT Sweden in August! She brought our dog cause the dogsitter was sick. Åke is a very happy 13-year-old border terrier. He loves me cause every time I’m home, in skåne, we go for long long walks (so long that he hardly makes it back, I have to drag him). This was Åkes first visit to the BIG CITY and as mom and I went out to do business he decided NOT to stay in my apartment…

We left at 1230, came back at 1730 (I was just gonna pick up my gear and leave to teach Body Jam at 1810). We expected to find a happy barking dog; instead we found an open window!


Mother panicked! I had to take command!

So if you heard rumors about to blond women running around Gothenburg yelling:
They aren’t rumors, it actually happened! (Must admit that I in that moment regret naming the d
og ÅKE).
6min before my class started and NO Åke. I had to run. Mom called the cops, and guess what… Åke was in STENUNGSUND!
Do you know what it costs to bail out a dog? 1060 SEK, and that does not include the cost of driving 12miles back and forth in rush hour traffic!

How did my Body Jam go? I admit I have been more present! Even the participants knew the choreography better then me.
Afterwards I practically dragged myself trough the streets of Gbg, 100m from reaching my appt I walked straight into a lyktstolpe, and I mean STRAIGHT into it, baaaam I hit the ground.

Mom is exhausted, I have a huge bula I pannan but ÅKE is as happy as ever!



Mr Pilates said...

Did you, at any time, consider NOT bailing out Åke? To me it sounds like Åke is "mammas lilla fjäsk". I think you should have kept him in jail for a couple of days. Just to let him know it is not OK to run away and hitchhike to Stenungsund.

Soy said...

AHAHAHA!! Hur i hel***e hamnade han i Stenungsund? Det är ju aslångt bort!