Bring in the FEMININE

Jo: What do you need to balance?
I went to see an Ayurvedic Doctor in Kerala to get an analysis of my body and persona. In Ayurvedic medicine there are three main constitutions (doshas):

VATA – Air
PITTA – Fire
KAPHA – Water

You are either one of these, a combo of two of them whereas one is more dominant or you can be a tri dosha (a combo of all three).

I am a PITTA with some VATA. And when I did my consultation the doctor found that my PITTA was a bit too high (agitated) but my VATA was even HIGHER (even more pisted☺)

There are several different treatments that you can get to balance your doshas (and that story is a whole other chapter in itself, for ex me sitting but naked in a cold room in India with mud on my head covered in a banana leaf tied up with bamboo string, and I’m telling you, they do not have Enya records playing, only buzzing kontorsbelysning and I had to sit like that for 45min staring into a red wall! (More about that later).
You can also balance your dosha with exercise, meditation and diet.

DIET: There is no such thing as an “Ayurvedic Diet”. Each person should eat according to his or her personal constitution. Some bodies need meet, some don’t, some should eat raw food, and some shouldn’t. Each and every one of us is unique and we should eat accordingly! This makes very much sense to me!
BUT when the Doc told me not to eat to much SPICY food, like garlic, chili, pepper, ginger I shouted out loud “WHAT, BUT I LOOOVE SPICY FOOD!!” and I couldn’t in the world see why I shouldn’t eat spicy food! He’d better have a good explanation!
“Well, you see, Spicy food is your drug. It is FIRE and you already consist of FIRE. Fire wants more fire but it is only an illusion, you’ll get burned,” he said. And it clicked!

Do we balance ourselves or do we really just PUSH it (our imbalance) further along the line?
When I feel tired I reason like this: “I’m tired, I should rest and relax, not do any physical exercise, just take it easy.” And when I’m on fire I go: “Yeahhh bring it on, lets run a mile, then go into the gym, do some yoga, swim, take a dance class and then go out party al night long.” This is not to BALANCE, this is PUSHING IT. Adding Fire to the Fire, and water to the water, yin to the yin and yang to the yang!

To Balance we need to PAUSE, listen, and add the opposite to what we think we desire!

So, have I stopped eating spicy food?
Hell NO! But I stopped eating tomatoes cause that was also on the list of things that were “bad” for me. Isn’t it funny how it is so easy to quit eating some things and not others?! Hmm?!

This week I will bring in the feminine! Anyone else?
What will you bring in to balance this week?


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Ok - that was really a blast to read...! Very interesting :) Would defininatly like to try it...
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