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I'm out

I'm back

I have this much to say tonight; (take into consideration that these are the FIRST WORDS spoken by me since Thursday 1pm)

If you gonna do ONE thing in your life:


Jo: If you come out alive, watch this film!

I can't see a movie twice! Even when I wish I could, since it was so fantastic or something like that, I can't! Why? Cause I have such a good memory. I remember exactly everything, everything!!! BUT this one, this one makes me cry, laugh out loud, shiver, hug my pillow, sing along and shake my bootey. And I don't care if you might be "one of those" who thinks this movie gives a negative, unrealistic view of life as a hooker. Look at Turtles, Bamse, all I have to say to you: IT´S A FILM! People are not stupid!!!!!

Ohh I wish my life was like Julia Roberts....

Another big + for watching this film again being "byxmyndig" is that there are quiet a few lines which I totally missed (didn't get) the last time :)

Sweet dreams

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