Ode to the girls

Mo: On our way to Malmö and the last leg of our Functional tour, Mango looked at me strangely. 
"Your...you know...your...I mean...are they bigger?"
I laughed and helped him out of his embarassement: "If you were a girl, you would know that sometimes they have a life of their own..."
And that´s how we ended up creating today´s blog thread:

Top 7 songs dedicated to a woman´s best friends:

1. "What´s going on" Marvin Gaye
2. "Milkshake" Kelis
3. "Express yourself" Madonna
4. "Pump it up" 2unlimited
5.  "Sexy MF" Prince
6. "Danger Zone" Kenny Loggins
7. "Respect" Aretha Franklin

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