Stressed out

Mo: Sooooooo.... Airport bus leaves in 1hr, I haven´t finished packing and I have one more music mix to go.... How the hell did this happen??? Normally I´m quite organized, fairly cool - with my sh...t under control, you know - and today???

I SO HATE packing! After 12 years of travelling you would have thought I got it down to perfection... Well, I haven´t. And I probably never will. In the end I end up taking the biggest bag (ask anyone who have ever traveled with me at any one time , and they will tell you...this is the girl who brought an 8kg kettlebell for 1 month of traveling around India! And then asked her boyfriend to carry it...ok, just slightly embarrasing...but! he still loves me...) throwing my stuff inside and then - jumping on top - praying to higher powers that it will close....

Thursday, Friday at Fibo. Europe´s largest fair/ expo for fitness/training/equipment.

Friday night I´m flying to the UK.
Saturday - Sunday I´m presenting 3 classes at the Fitpro event in Loughbourough (yeah, do not attempt to pronounce that name until you have been drinking at least 2 bottles of wine...)

Image of Monika Bjorn

Sessions presented by Monika Bjorn

Time slot Day Stream Session title
09:30 - 11:00 Saturday FF Activio "Prana Cycling"
14:00 - 15:00 Saturday FF Activio "Tribal Dream"
09:30 - 10:30 Sunday FF Activio "Embodying The Flow"

Back home around 22.00 Sunday night. Wish me luck! The camera is packed and there will be daily blog reports from both Germany and England...


Anonymous said...

Hi, we've just launched http://www.fit32.com - you mention above that you had to do your own mix - our site does the mixing for you! we're the first fully PPL compliant download site for instructors - we've just missed Fibo but we'll be the main sponsors at IDEA in Las Vegas in July. let us know if you have chance to check out the site.

mojo said...

Only had a quick look around but the site looks good. Will have a closer snoop around when I´m back home and rested.

Thanks for checking in.