Functional tour Malmö - watch out GBG!

What?! This fresh after 5 classes? YES!
Gothenburg, we´re gonna get you, guys!

Mo: Well, except from the fact that I was trying to ignore that Mango came home from the Maldives on Wednesday and therefore made me look white as a ghost, the day was absolutely faboulous! Malmö ROCKED and was (so far) the strongest, cheeriest and most fun place to visit on our whole Functional tour!

Friskis o Svettis Johanneslust was amazing. Watch the video above to see the light, the high ceiling, the wooden beams and the brick walls. Beautiful! Extra plus for the fantastically helpful staff.

We are SO juiced up for tomorrow. If the slogan for our other weekends has been "Fierce", it has changed for tomorrow. Our brand new prep slogan for Gothenburg is: "NO MERCY".

Someone wise said it is impossible to become a prophet in your own city. Well, we don´t have to become prophets - we just want you to kick your ass! :)

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