Don't push the river, it flows by itself...

Kali "Black Mother Time"
The goddess who perpetually transforms life into a fascinating dance of death.

Jo: It is the 1st of MAY today, it is raining, I went to bed at 5:45 am, but it is OK, it’s a beautiful day, in many aspects and I would like to tell you the story of my favorite GODDESS:


Kali is one Universal Power which is beyond good and bad. She has a power that destroys and should be depicted in awe-inspiring terror. Kali is found in the cremation ground in the middle of dead bodies. She is standing in a challenging posture on the exhausted body of her husband Shiva. Kali cannot exist without him, and Shiva can't reveal himself without her. Kali is the manifestation of Shiva's power, energy.

Several famous myths tell just how uncontrollable Kali's energy is. Once, it was said, she dared to dance with Shiva, (the Lord of the Dance). They grew wilder and wilder, more competitive in their dancing, until it seemed the world would shake itself to pieces, and so it will, for beneath all appearances that dance continues.

Few understand Kali's spiritual significance. As a symbol of the worst we can imagine, as the most extreme picture of our fears, she offers us a chance to face down our own terror of extinction. But once faced and understood, Kali frees her worshipers of all fear and one is able to transcend the "pair of opposites" (good-bad, love-hate, etc).

  • Kali is the color of the darkest night-a deep bluish black. As the limitless Void, Kali has swallowed up everything without a trace. Hence, she is black.
  • Her luxuriant hair is messy and, thereby, symbolizes Kali's boundless freedom.
  • Each hair is a jiva (individual soul), and all souls have their roots in Kali.
  • She has three eyes; the third one stands for wisdom.
  • She has four arms. The posture of her right arms promises fearlessness and boons while her left arms hold a bloody sword and a freshly severed human head.
  • Looking at Kali's right, we see good, and looking at her left, we see bad.
  • Kali is portrayed as naked, except for a girdle of human arms cut off at the elbow and a garland of fifty skulls. The arms represent the capacity for work, and Kali wears all work (action), potential work, and the results thereof around her waist.

Why Kali?

It is a FACT that one of the biggest problems in our western society is the false idea of a life without pain and misery. I don’t know, maybe it is deeply rooted in our Christian religion where GOD is ALL GOOD and the DEVIL is ALL BAD, they never unite, there is no apparent connection. This falsely promoted ideal life only creates more tension, more unhappiness, suppressed anger, pain and aversion. Cause when unwanted things happen we stand unable to cope with the situation, instead of dealing with it we run, or pretend like it never happened. By diverting the attention you only push the negativity deep into the unconscious, and there you continue to generate and multiply the same defilement. On the surface there is a layer of peace and harmony, but in the depths of the mind there is a sleeping volcano of suppressed negativity which sooner or later may erupt in a violent explosion.

There is no one in the world whose desires are always fulfilled, in whose life everything happens according to his or her wishes, without anything unwanted happening. Things constantly occur that are contrary to our desires and wishes. So the question arises: how can we stop reacting blindly when confronted with things that we don't like? How can we stop creating tension and remain peaceful and harmonious?

Escape is no solution; you have to face the problem, just observe it, face it. As soon as you start to observe, the situation/thought begins to lose its strength and slowly withers away.
Kali reminds me of this, of the duality and beauty of LIFE and helps me not to block out the unpleasant aspects of life.


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