Thank you EVERYBODY who showed up at the GLOBAL MALA in Gothenburg, uniting and performing 108 Sun salutations for PEACE/SHANTI!

And thanks to those of you who couldn't make it but contributed in your own unique way: Mo in Sthlm, Mango playing 108 games :) Mom, Grandma and Bro in Skåne picking at least 108 apples and making home made organic "ÄPPLEMOS" that will nourish me in the cold winter mornings :)!!


The donations we collected for www.kvinnatillkvinna.org will be sent direct to the org, I will let you know the amount ASAP!

So enough SHANTI

How are you 108 sun salutation HEROES feeling?
I admit that whilst performing the rounds I felt very much at ease, perhaps due to the strong dedications made BUT this morning... is a entirely diff story!

My HAMSTRINGS and TRICEPS are still not talking to me....

What about yours?

The wonderful Mr. T who is always up for a challenge sent me this graph today, displaying his heart beat during the full mandala, wow, interesting! You can see each sun salutation!
Mr. T then kindly asked me to take a closer look at the 4th and last round of 27 salutations, and erhmmm perhaps we did ONE to many?! My apologize!

My reply - Next time, why don't you do the counting :)

SHANTI LOVE and BHAKTI to you my gorgeous TRIBE! I am soo grateful to have you all in my life!


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