Mental Detox Day 4!

Phuu, just got back from a LOOONG but smart day :) filled with school (do animals have THOUGHTS?), classes (BodyJam, BodyBalance and Yoga) some EKO shopping (tamari, almondbutter, italian pears, fresch rasberry smoothie etc jummy) and I just got out of the shower preparing for my Foundation Traning in BodyBalance that I will be leading fri-sun!

So the mental detox is a bit late, sorry about that but here's what tomorros' all about:

Mental Detox Day 4:

Inject some creativity into your life

Do something different, swap things around and see how it feels. Get a new perspective!

  • I get up at the same time
  • I have the same thing for breakfast
  • I got to my office
  • I have lunch
  • I finish at the same time everyday
  • I go home
  • I watch TV
  • I make supper
  • I go to bed
  • I get up at the same time...
Sounds familiar? Either way I think that we ALL have some patterns that could use a break every now and then!

Your day of change should be TOTAL. Everything you do should be done differently.

  • Set the alarm earlier or later
  • Get out of the bed in a diff way
  • Have your shower before/after breakfast - which ever is not the norm
  • Wear a completelly diff outfit
  • If you normally wear make up - don't
  • If you don't wear aftershave/perfume do!
  • If you drive, take the bus
  • Get tea insted of coffe
  • Take the stairs, not the lift
  • Leave work later or earlier
  • Go a diff route home
  • Eat out/in
  • Watch TV if you normally read

Any of the above activities could make you look at your day completely differently. You may want to change things permanently, or you may go back to normal. It's up to you. BUT, for this day, be different, be refreshing and inspiring!

Time to get topsy Turvy :)


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