ROLE MODEL, anyone???


Back at work after a lovely weekend in Stockholm.

Spent some time with friends after the concert on Friday night and had a BEAUTIFUL dinner around J & D´s on Saturday night. Great food, fabulous company and lots of laughter, what more can one ask for?

The yoga workshop on Saturday and Sunday with Larry Schultz at "Its yoga" was average. I don´t buy into that American "I´m so spiritual"-crap. Especially from someone who first tells us about the importance of yoga being something else than just physical exertion (yes, yes, yes, nice thought and all that) and then 1hour later cannot shut up about the Rocket-workout being "so hard, so tough and so physically challenging - don´t you think?".

What´s with these (most of the time, American) "Gurus" that have to fish for compliments high and low?

Another thing, I always get suspicious when someone tells me about the physical and mental benefits of yoga and then looks like an unfit, not so healthy individual themselves. Come on, you don´t have to look like a magazine model, but at least have the decency not to carry a huge pot belly around! Role model, anyone?

Just like I (personally) would NEVER go to an overweight nutritionist or an unfit personal trainer, I don´t want my yoga inspiration to come from someone who needs constant self-esteem boosts, (or someone who pulls a muscle whilst doing pigeon, because his hips are too tight!).

Talking of which, I have my first session tonight with my new personal trainer. I must be the first client who has actually told him what the training should be like (olympic weight lifting and heavy weights progressing over the weeks to plyometrics work) and how much I expect him to push me and challenge me....
I´ll be his easiest client....ehrr, or not, time will tell....

Things I would like to learn (if I didn´t prioritize other stuff more):

1). How to build a gorgeous web page. In html AND flash.

2). How to crawl. (...so that I could finally do "Vansbrosimmet" and stop swimming like a sea horse. Vertically.)

3). How to cook.

4). How to speak fluent Italian (...and Spanish...and French).

5). How to sing (without scaring off birds and little children).


Anonymous said...

Skulle du lite på en dietist som anorektiskt mager ut ?


mojo said...

Nej, inte om personen såg sjuk ut.

Om du säljer hälsa: se hälsosam ut.

Om man predikar ett visst budskap - var då en förebild - "...walk the walk..." - annars blir det svårt att ta både förmedlaren och budskapet på allvar...