Bring out the KALI inside...


There is aggression in the air.
My day started off with irritation and didn´t get better by 9am when I was attacked by Cycle-parking-military outside the Book Fair. "You´re not allowed to park your bike here" Ehhhh, Where? You mean by the actual empty bike stand? Why?
"We advise people to park over there" points across the road half way to the World Cultural Museum.
"Well, try to stop me from parking here - at this empty bike stand. Call the police if you´re not happy."
Following STUPID rules that obviously doesn´t make any sense INFURIATES me. If the bike parking was full, overcrowded, I could have seen the point. But not when it´s built where it´s built and EMPTY.
So what´s a KALI-girl to do?
Park the bike anyway of course and walk inside.

Jens Lapidus, good looking and well dressed. Also a highly entertaining writer.

Erica Palmcrantz on the cover of HÄLSA. Gorgeous woman with a great business idea. Erica has just released her new book "RAW food". Way to go, girlfriend!

Leaving for Stockholm and the SAFE-convention in a few hours. Saturday I´m flying to Oslo to present at the SPENST-convention in Larvik on Sunday.



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