Wow, I´m tired.

Finished a 2-day InCycle Certification Course today. Had 16 participants from such different places as Karlshamn, Åmål, Munkfors, Hönö & Halmstad.

Stayed up late last night after having gorged myself stupid on beautiful crayfish, prawns and crab... (Thanks M&M for a fantastic feast!) ...so I felt just a tiny bit tired this morning and quite shattered by the end of the day.

Tomorrow I´m starting my last week on the ICC-coaching course.
I´m back at school 9-19 for the next couple of days. I´ll try and do my training before class... Wish me luck with that...

From October I´ll be taking a few clients on, to keep developing my coaching skills. P and Matt are just laughing at me, wondering how the h..ll I´ll find the time for yet another job. My answer?

I´ll sleep when I´m dead.

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