Copenhagen - Glasgow - Stockholm RETURN


Yesterday was a weird day.

When I was about to leave the house someone had parked their car ON TOP of my car...

I´m sorry, but how can you NOT notice that you have parked your car like this?:

I called around, found the owner eventually and he was very apologetic, which made me go from raging, pre-historic Amazon, back to being a sweetie... (I have a tendency to do that when people apologize sincerely.)
I just asked him kindly to double check his parking next time...

Since P and I have taken the weekend off (this was decided in the beginning of August), we thought we would head to Copenhagen for a couple of days... I envisioned a 5-star hotel, sleeping in, a huge breakfast, luxury and comfort. Actually, I envisioned SAS Radisson Royal Hotel, one of my favourite hotels in Scandinavia. (I enjoy boutique and designer hotels too, but most of the time I find them a bit too colourful, a bit too arty-farty and just about 20sqm too small in real life...)

Let´s just say, P couldn´t care less where we would be staying, he is sooo easy going. When I started going on about 5-star luxury this and wonderful design that, he just gave me a sort of blank look, saying: "Remember who you are talking to... As long as you are happy with the place....".

Which made me feel that the pressure was on. (Weird how that works, eh? Someone gives you total freedom of choice and you feel like: oh, shit, I hope I make a GOOD decision!)

Only problem, SAS Radisson only had Junior Suites left for the weekend....and although I REALLY wanted 5-star quality, suddenly the budget for the weekend went CRAZY, the hotel alone would come to more than 6.000SEK....for 2 nights....(and we hadn´t even started our dinner yet at the Michelin-star restaurant....).

Problem was, once I had decided that comfort and great service was what I wanted, I couldn´t focus on finding one single other option... (In some other context this is called imagining a clear goal - but now it felt more like tunnel vision....) Well I did actually look at First Hotel Skt Petri, but it was fully booked Sat-Sun....

So then we thought, well, if we´re going to blow the budget anyway, we might as well fly somewhere.... P found some Ryan Air flights to Glasgow. I used to live there for 3 years and I know the city well. It´s actually a great place to go for a weekend. Some really good restaurants, fantastic shopping and even a couple of nice museums/art galleries if you are so inclined....

We would fly out Friday - back Sunday and stay at the Hilton right in the city center. YES!

It´s just that when we hit the "Send" button to pay for our flights, the Ryan air site went down. And it happened twice. Get the message, sort of.... We decided to give it up and try again tomorrow (read today). Just before heading off for bed, I had a totally different idea. I quickly surfed a few web sites and...

that´s why, on Friday we´re driving up to Stockholm, staying at the new Clarion Sign hotel. Shopping, fika and lounging Friday, maybe even a Bikram Class and then we´re joining the "Its yoga" 2-day-workshop at Its yoga Stockholm with the founder of Its yoga San Fransisco, Larry Schultz!

Maybe (Not) exactly what bargained for, but JEZ, it will be a fun weekend!

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