Back at school...


First day on the last week of my International Coaching Certification Course... It´s fun to be back at "school", (although my butt is sore from all the sitting in one day).

Coaching is such a powerful method of guiding people towards excellence. I had no idea what a structured method coaching is before I did this course. Most of the "coaches" I had come across were self-taught, and did everything but actually coach (ie mentoring, therapy, lecturing, giving free advice, etc etc).

The goal with coaching is to free the individual´s (the "coachee´s") full potential.
To help open for possibilities, find answers, motivation and commitment within the coachee, take away hindrences, give support, focus and driving force, and most of all create RESULTS.

I have a few plans on how I´ll be able to incorporate Lifestyle-coaching in my already jam-packed schedule... It´s a trained skill and I want to get going straight away, whilst the knowledge is fresh. I´ll let you know how, when, where as soon as it´s settled.

Saying of the day?

"Impossible" is a word that cannot be applied to the future.

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