Back in the capital


In Stockholm, staying at Scandic Anglais, which, as it turns out has managed to turn their lobby bar Anglais 101 to a hip "Stureplans hak", hence the thumping bass throughout the whole building. Not to be recommended for a goodnight´s sleep on Fridays.

What is to be recommended:

Déjà vu.... Back at Blueberry at NK, one week later. Seafood wrap and fresh smoothie. Yummy!

Ok. Just a liiiiittle bit of shopping... Bought this beautiful swagger and had to MMS sister from the fitting rooms to have a second opinion...

...and it looked great together with my new Raspberry red Wolford tights. Happy legs!

Dinner at "Il Covo" together with U was fab.
Back at the hotel now, winding down and getting ready for tomorrow. First class at 10am. A full report will follow...

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Anonymous said...

I love the combo!! You look HOT girlfriend! MG.