Give as good as you get - and get as good as you give?

My new training schedule is slowly taking shape.

It goes something like this:

Monday 1hr PT-session, consisting of squats, cleans, deadlifts, chest presses, chins, etc
Teaching: 30min spinning+30min kettlebell

Running 5-8k Yoga 30-60min
distance, time & intensity depends on how my body feels after the weekend.

Yoga 60min
Teaching: 60min yoga+60min spinning+45min kettlebell

Weightlifting same as Monday, but without PT + 15min Kettlebell, 12-16kg, 4-6 reps.

Running and/or yoga/or resting, depending on traveling schedule.

Saturday - Sunday
"off" from my own training. Normally I teach 2-4 60min classes at the weekend.

Biggest dietary change in the last two years? I´ve probably doubled my intake of fats and I no longer buy into the bu**shit that "Livsmedelsverket"-we-are-sitting-in-the-lap-of-the-food-
industry-and-licking-their..) is trying to sell, (ie "saturated fat is bad for you, there is nothing wrong with artificial sweeteners or trans fats or margarines, or glutamate, fat burns in the fire of carbohydrates", etc etc etc. Hello?????????????????)

Biggest body change in the last 10 years?

I am better trained than ever before. My 38th birthday is coming up in 3months and I have never been in better shape, or had better health, strength+cardiovascular fitness.

How to stay motivated:
Always do things that you truly enjoy. Always be curious about new things and cross train, cross train, cross train... Train with people that are stronger, faster, harder (but humble) and learn from them.

Training goal in the next 12months:
To be able to do Olympic weightlifting with good technique. To reach this goal I will work on my ankle flexibility regularly. (After 13 years of cycling and not stretching my soleus(-one of two muscles that makes up the calf-) properly, my ankle flexibility is negligible.

Health goal in the next 12months:

To stay energized, healthy and well.

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You rock Mo! See you tomorrow! :) / H