Mental DETOX Day 3

Mental Detox Day 3!

Good Evening!
How did you do today?

Let me tell you about my day:
Erhmmm, well, where to start?!

My technical task was to: Install my Iphone with my MobileMe account (which I also had to purchase).

In total this took me 5 hours – instead of the planned 1-hour (and I thought I was generous here!)! The other 4 hours of my evening were supposed to consist of yoga, pilates and SPA evening with sauna, delicious scrubs and deep moisturizing masks ☹

If it wouldn’t have been for this DETOX I must admit that I would still be living a life without a functioning e-mail account, a broken hands free (and that gives you cancer, ask my mother), no idea on how to use Å Ä Ö on my cell phone and 0 contacts in my cell phone (not very good since I don’t know a single phone number from the top of my head!)

In short: I went to the MAC store, humbly explaining that I SUCK at this pop server, smpt shit but would like to be able to sync my Iphone with my laptop, that’s kinda the idea of the Iphone!!!! At first they said: There, it’s working! But persistent as I am I double-checked and correct, it was still NOT working!!! ☹ Also they had NO idea how to take away the DAMN T9, how to find Å Ä Ö or why my hands free wasn’t working! Thanks MAC!!! They said that since TELIA have monopoly on selling the Iphone, they are the only ones who knows how to work it….. erhmm oki (normally I would have given up here, but since I was on Mission MENTAL DETOX I persisted). Went to TELIA, queued for 40min only to find out that the TELIA guy would say EXACTLY the same as the MAC person only vice versa… MAC should know this…

Well, 5 hours later here I am and I have synced my Iphone to my laptop, the contacts are in, I know where Å Ä Ö is. The hands free is soon to be replaced, the only thing left is the god damn T9 but I guess I can live with sending LÖK messages for now if you are ok with that ?!



We all have ghosts or skeletons in our minds. We are full of “what if”, “I wonder”, “should have” and “if only”.
If we used this time more effectively, doing something about our worries instead of just worrying, then we would clear a lot more space and create a lot more peace in our minds!

First step:
Write down all the things:

1 you truly believe you cannot do anything about, but want to, in order to clear them out of your thoughts.

2 you constantly think about and want to do something about.

Take every thought that creeps into your mind and put it down on paper. Take the situations/people one at a time and write them a letter. You can then do whatever you want with these letters. All your thoughts have been faced, they won’t have gone away but they have now been managed and you should feel really positive that you have taken some action!

Good Luck and Sweet Dreams Jo

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