Mental Detox Day 6!

Okej Party People! We are back on track for the MENTAL DETOX and here is tomorrows TASK:


Test your comfort zone and feel the thrill! If anything concentrates the mind it is a small dose of abject terror! Not only does it concentrate the mind but, as you go through the "my whole life flashed before me" bit, you also get to take a loong look at yourself and that is incredibly interesting! You find out so much about yourself and how you feel, how you react, in just a few small moments. This mental Detox is about looking at things differently in order to clear your mind of the rubbish and keep the important stuff.

The sorts of things I am talking about is:
  • Parachute jumping
  • Rock Climbing
  • Flying
  • White-river rafting
  • Balloon Flight
  • Going on a glider
  • Holding an insect or reptile
  • Mountain biking
  • Cave diving
  • Bidding at an auction
  • Scuba diving
  • Public Speaking
The list goes on... You need to find something that would truly be a massive thing for YOU to do! Don't listen to anyone else about what they think would be the most terrifying thing. Work it out for yourself and then do the necessary arrangements, the just book it! The task is to get the process started, not to DO the actuall thing today.

If you can do this - is there anything beyond your reach?

Good Luck with LOVE Jo


Anonymous said...

Välkommen till Skydive Sweden & metropolen ;) Vårgårda 4-5 oktober för ett tandemhopp!
Min 10-åriga dotter (på fredag) kommer få ett efterlängat hopp i present:)
På lördag hoppar en förlamad man man + en 75-årig dam....


varm kram
Susanne till Jo!

Jo said...

Oh WOW!!!

Jag blir så sugen o inspirerad, tack susanne!

I helgen ska jag dessvärre jobba i OSLO men tänker att jag kanske ska ta med min mamma på ett tandemhopp en dag inom snar framitd.... tack för tippset :)