Would YOU wanna have my Weekend?

Sorry that I haven’t been righting the last couple of days. I have been on a from South to North Tour and I decided NOT to bring my computer (thinking it would be one thing less to stress me). I am having a hard time deciding weather it was an amazing great bombastic fantastic weekend or not… perhaps you can help me out?! Here it is in short form:


o Since I am a very optimistic person I did my laundry Thursday NIGHT (and fell asleep and left it in the dryer (torktummlaren). Thinking it is OK; I will get it early tomorrow morning!

o Friday Morning at 0650 – ALL my laundry is GONE! I looked everywhere! I should tell you that there are 2 locks that you need a key for in order to enter the laundry room.

o I was soo pissed off! Ran into my appt and wrote THE FIRST Angry Public note in my life. Asking Kindly that the THIEF should return my laundry IMMEDIATELY!

o After Breakfast I see a dude walking away with MY LAUNDRY BAG. So I run after him. He smells of cigarettes and alcohol. He says that his friend said that he could take it. Being as stupid as I can be, I don’t want to accuse him for something that he perhaps didn’t do on purpose. So I just say ok, but could I please have my stuff back?!

o I get it back, but it turns out that it isn’t even 25% of my laundry! The rest is still missing!

o Rush to the train (without my “original planed packing” )

o Arriving I meet my best friend MANGO, turns out we are on the same train ☺

o BAD thing, we are not the only ones on the train. There is also a Big Bunch of 50-year-old party people probably going to Copenhagen, already Drunk as hell.
It smells and they are noisy!

§ Eating a FAB sandwich at Emmerys, my fav Organic resturant/cafe in Denmark! Mumms!

o Teaching BodyJam and Body Balance quarterlies for Les Mills in Copenhagen. The participants are great, the jammers really rocked!

o Train back to Malmö, arriving at my hotel 0015, sooo tired and the only food around is BURGER KING, piiiiiiii


o 8-10am I enjoy an amazing breakfast with my m
other. She arrives looking gorgeous and a handsome man tries to pick her up right there in the Hotel Breakfast lobby, hahahha my mother is soo qte, she doesn’t now what to do and blushes before we run off out into the city ☺

o 10-12am I teach the BodyJam quarterly in Malmö at FORUM: The ladies rock!

o 1201am I jump into a taxi to the Airport (note that I didn’t have the time to shower!)

o 1250am my plane leaves for Bromma

o I have 2hours to k
ill at Bromma Airport ☹ I decide that there is no fun in the Entrance hall so I decide to pass security looking for a nice place to wait in. I do not know Bromma airport. If I would have I wouldn’t have made that decision! Guess what… there is NOTHING after passing security!

o Flight to UMEÅ, meeting the Gorgeous NIKE team! We stay at a soft hotel with an amazing sauna.

o Having eaten a big breakfast and then NOTHING…. I was starving. So when we sit down in the restaurant at around 730pm I order the biggest piece of meat that I can find on the menu! Ren carpaccio and RyggBiff ☺ With some red wine ☺


o Waking up feeling totally bloated.

o Rushing down to the breakfast, we have 10min (I am a SLOW eater)

o On the spot at IKSU 720am

o First class starts at 9am Jihaaa
o I feel heavy, tired, and have NO energy what so ever. Try to participate in the Challenge class and the Afro but I find that I have no energy. And then it starts: I rush to the toilet every 20min!!! I guess my body didn’t enjoy the yin and yang diet from yesterday (adding that I hardly ever eat any red meat).

o Teaching my FUNKTIONELL TRÄNING after lunch, I was a bit nervous (not having been able to stay away from the bathroom for more then 20min max before) But I guess that you get so much energy from the participants that you JUST DO IT! The class went great and the participants amazed me.

o Afterwards I was totally out though!

o Driving to UMEÅ Airport, this airport is even worse then Bromma! Me and Andreas have to kill 2,5hours there (I fall asleep on the dining table)

o Arriving at Arlanda we find that our plane is out of order, they have to find a new one!

o I arrive in my appt Sunday night 0045am EXHAUSTED and sleep till 10 the day after!

o Phuu, there you have it!

Good Night Jo

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