Could this be one of those weeks? When time just FLIES past and suddenly I wake up next Monday morning and think "Where the hell did the week GO?"
Since I´m aware of the feeling already, I will do my best to land here and now. Be in the present moment and enjoy.

Woke up this morning feeling sluggish, so decided to stay in bed for another 30min. HUURRAYY! How many people do I know, who have the luxury of doing that? Take another 30 min in bed, just because you wake up feeling a bit sluggish??? Eh, not many.

Knew I would feel quite smashed after Stockholm and after almost 2h with my new best pal, the Kettlebell yesterday (had another KB-education), so pampered myself with a facial before lunch.

My beautician is incredible. She spent 2h (!) on my face and yes, I was positively glowing when I left. (After having snored my way through most of the treatment. Charming.)

I did miss the 12 o´clock Yoga class with Mango though, since I wasn´t done until 11.59, but we had a quick lunch together instead. The rest of the day has been spent in front of my computer, working, and tonight I´m guest teaching a class at Kristinedal.

Planning for a power nap in the next half hour or so. One of the best ways possible to re-charge the batteries.

Other great ways for POWERING UP:

- Going for a run - comfortable pace

- Dance around your living room (or office) to loud music

- Do a headstand

- Have a great coffee (this only works if you normally only have 0-1 cups of coffee/day)

- Take a fika/lunch with one of your hilarious/positive/funny friends

- Having sex (but watch out, this can also backfire and work the totally opposite way by making you incredibly sleepy!)

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