I will Get YOU

I am sick, I am not often sick! I do not like being sick!

I already have a hard time relaxing and doing nothing, being sick strangelly makes it even harder!

So today I have been doing A LOT of research on the internet and I have come to the conclusion that I will take in some expert help:


Qi is a concept which underpins all of Chinese medicine. It is commonly translated as energy but it is actually much more than this: Qi can exist in numerous states and forms. We all know that the body contains energy, providing heat and fuel to different parts of the body. This energy flows though the body and links the organ networks. In simple conventional medicine terms energy is the metabolisation of proteins in the body and that without a clear flow of this energy to the organs of the body they will deteriorate and lead to illness.

Sen aims to ensure a smooth circulation and balance of Qi throughout your body and organ networks with the help of herbs.
There are three main ways to describe the effect that herbs can have on Qi and the energy flow within the human body.

The first is temperature. Each herb is said to be either hot, warm, neutral cool or cold. Typically, hot herbs are used to alleviate cold conditions such as certain types of arthritis, coughs or uterine pains. Conversely cold herbs are used for hot conditions like high fevers, excessive thirst and constipation.

The second is taste. There are five tastes, each of which indicates the active nature of the herb. A pungent taste tends to be dispersing; bitter is cooling and draining; sweet is tonifying; salty softens; sour substances are astringent; and bland herbs tend to drain dampness.

Finally, each herb is also linked with specific organ networks. For example menthe (or peppermint) is pungent, cool and is linked with the lungs and the liver. In terms of the lungs therefore, menthe would be used as part of a prescription to disperse externally invading toxins causing flu and the hot type of cold.

What do you think? Do these Chinees dudes know what they talk about?

I will let you know how this exciting Herbal story ends....

to be continued...


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