Gothenburg, oh no, sorry - GOTHAM CITY - the city of outlaws


We come home at 21.45.

The phone rings. Someone has jumped, walked and skipped all over my car and a witness has found my number by checking my car registration. We live next to a church that shelters druggies. When I look out, the street corner hosts about 6 of them. They are high. They are loud. They are aggressive and they cause havoc.
P grabs my car key and runs out.
I call the police. NEVER ever trust an aggressive druggie.
I get through to the police. I explain the situation calmly. He says he will send someone.
At the same time I can watch P checking my car. (I´m kicking myself for parking it so close to the church!)
One of the loudest druggies walks up to P and starts shouting at the top of his voice. I´m two floors up behind glass and I can still hear every word.

P is so cool. He doesn´t move an inch and his body language is completely relaxed. P walks off and comes back with someone from the church (staff?) to check out any damage to the car.

During the minute or so that he´s away, the loudest mouth of the druggies shouts to a man in a white van across the road: "I´M GONNA ROB YOOOOOU!!!!" and walks towards him. Then he changes direction and walks back towards my car.

P drives off to park my dear Aygo in a VERY different spot.
About 7 minutes have passed since the phone call.

The police arrives! WHEEEEHEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I will never complain again about the police not being around when you need them! And it´s a van! Full of butch guys! 4 of them in total.

AND they take the situation seriously. 10minutes later they have booked and transported the unruly people away. And although everything will be the same by tomorrow night; loud druggies shooting up heroin just outside my bedroom window, dealing drugs, threatening passersby, shouting xxx-words to each other and doing their toilet in the street corner, for a while it actually feels a tiny bit better.

By the way, did I mention that I live in one of the most so called fashionable areas of Gothenburg City? Yeah, right. More like GOTHAM CITY these days. The city of outlaws.

It´s time to move.


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