Super Saturday - the 3rd point of view

A BIG UP for Marit, our QT guest blogger who came al the way from Estonia to play at SUPER SATURDAY with us!!!

What are two without the third :) I was the participant!

Well, it was just magnificent! Like WOW!! I really enjoyed the event!
Seems that the event has some kind of MAGIC POWER! Everybody who were there are talking about it and all the others who weren’t there are anxious to know what was there and to see the pictures!

So, it really is something special!
The classes were so powerful! And I did 5 classes! Including the Bodypump Competition class! That was something.. mm.. Something really HARD!

I passionately did two BC classes and the Bodyjam was just from another level, the hottest class, with G singing there.. Even better!

And then came the PARTY! Night's special - THE BUFFALO! Believe me or not, but my friend got 7 buffalos at that night! And obviously she got a bit drunk! :) Party people, You need to learn drinking from Your LEFT hand! Especially, when there are people from Les Mills near You! AND especially Dan Cohen, no chance to drink from Your right hand and not a get a buffalo, when he is around! :P

Another special at the party - HIGH HEEL SHOES! Yeah, all the girls who had them know what I'm talking about! You can ask JO! ;) And there were a lot of them, wearing the “2HOUR SHOES” at least for 5 hours, I mean at least!!!

Some of us wore them even longer (NOTE: Not ME, Jo, I even got kicked out of Cafe Opera for NOT wearing them, Oupss)! We all know, beauty needs sacrificing, even if it means that Your feet are still in the shape of shoes in the next day's evening! I must say flip-flops were the best footwear for the next day, well they were actually the only ones that fit!

All You Les Mills Heroes.. Beat it! Shake it! Pump it! Ride it! Wave it!
Kick it! Step it! Stretch it!


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