Rock Your Body!


Come and spend an afternoon at the forefront of our evolving
understanding of mind-body spirituality and psychology.

Radiant core brings an emphasis to the breath, core-conditioning, and body/mind awareness. Working with safe and highly effective asanas to stretch and strengthen your core, back and hips to tone your body.

  • Prana?
  • Chi?
  • What is "energy" really?
  • Harnessing the power of breath
  • Mind-Body healing and transformation in yoga
  • Grounded spirituality
  • Chakra anatomy

Johanna will explore topics like these and will then apply them to the yoga practice session.
We end by integrating the information and rich experience of practice with personal writing meditations.

“To each action there is an equal and opposite reaction”
- Newton

When: 20 September 11-13.30
Where: Yoga Buddhi, Göteborg www.yogabuddhi.se
Cost: 375kr
Sign Up: info@yogabuddhi.com

Come As You Are

Shiva Shakti Jo

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