Little Brother....

My Brother sent me a picture of ROBBIE WILLIAMS this morning on SKYPE.

I asked him why?

His reply was:

I think it is funny that he is that FAT....or not.....

I Love my brother, he can really make me SMILE, no matter how grey the sky is. And what I love about him most is that he doesn't even try to make me laugh!

For example:

I am going to LONDON in October to manage www.appleyoga.com. My gorgeous friend and Supa Yogini, Katy is hosting a retreat so I am staying in her fab flat and taking care of her studio. More about that later, anyway....

I wanted to visit my mother and brother in Skåne before so I arranged for me to take the train down to skåne on the friday and fly from Copenhagen to London on the following Monday.

Talking to my mom, she said that she was working all monday so she could not drive me to the airport, but perhaps my brother could?!

(Take into consideration that I haven't meet my brother in months) Asking him if he could drive me to the train station monday morning he replies:

Him: -I don't know
Me: - Why don't you know, what r u doing. Aren't you in school on mondays?
Him: - Well, yes
Me: - And doesn't school start at 10am?
Him: - Yes
Me: - So why don't you know then?
Him:- Well, I excercise in the morning as well

(NOTE: He used to be a mean machine in the gym, couldn't miss a singel session, then he moved to England and stoppe working out completelly! Now he started again a couple of days ago. Conclusion: He didn't exercise AT ALL for over a year, and now he can't skipp a singel session to be with his sister?!)

Me: - But not everyday right?!
Him: - Mondays, Wed, Fri at 8:30
Me: - Couldn't you go to the GYM after school (that lasts from 10-12)?
Him: - No, everything becomes so late then... I have homework that I have to do

(NOTE: Yes, he has got homework to do, BUT I also know that he plays WoW.... no more comments!)

Me: - So you could dropp me of at the train before that?
Him: - Maybe

I LOVE my brother but the funny thing here is that we are talking about the 20th of OCTOBER!
And my brother is NOT known for PLANNING AHEAD!!!

At least we have one thing in common:



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