Howling at the moon


Although it was just as beautiful driving home - took a shortcut between Arvika and Åmål - I shiver when I think about living in the countryside... I mean, not just going there for a few days or a long weekend, REALLY living in the REAL countryside. The thought of having the car braking down in the middle of nowhere, immediately spins my imagination off to "Deliverance"-land.
Anyone who has seen that movie will definitely remember the infamous lines:

"...you aaain´t from around here, are you booooy?...."

or even worse
"...I bet you can squeal like a pig!...

I remember when I was younger (late teens), coming home from a visit in the deep forrest or such alike, I always felt as if I needed to get out and be amongst people. Preferably in a dress with high heels. Yet, I also adore being surronded by nature/forrests/mountains/lakes/fields when I haven´t been for a long time. Weird, eh?

Maybe it´s just the fact that Monday is full moon-day that´s screwing with my head.
Do you feel it?
I sort of do.
Let´s just say that I´m glad that I´m not living in the dark Ages... At least I don´t grow facial hair or fangs...


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