How fascinating it is to get to know yourself through the eyes of others. Has it ever happened to you that you have met with an old friend/work colleague/aquaintence that you haven´t seen for a long time and during your conversation the person drops a comment about your personality: "...oh, yes, I knew you would be able to do that! You were always so..._...._..." or you meet someone completely new and that person tells you: "So you are _! I´ve heard so much about you! You´re the one who.._..._....."

A lot of the time this is the way you´ll find out about the good things that people are saying "behind your back". (And please, NEVER worry about the rest, never sweat over the negative stuff - you´re very unlikely to have THAT told straight to your face at any one time anyway, unless you´re in a really nasty fight with someone...)

Why are we generally so bad at complimenting each other "live"? Is it because we feel stupid/like we´re fishing for compliments back/or because we think that this person already knows how good/nice/wonderful/professional/kind/beautiful he/she is?

Let me tell you something, no matter how fabulous this person is, he/she still needs to hear it.

It´s actually a great little exercise, both giving and receiving compliments. Even if you can give compliments, how many of you can receive a compliment straight on - with a smile - and a simple "thank you"? Instead our response very often includes something like: "...oh, thanks, BUT..bla bla bla.NOT..bla bla.....BUT YOU on the other hand...bla bla bla....." Compliment wasted.

What do you really think about the people you surround yourself with? The people you hang out with/work with or live with? If there are people who make you happy, inspire you, lift you up, are kind to you, let them know. Go on, tell them, it will make their day.

Note: if the people close to you do nothing of the above: Then it´s time for a reality check, that´s all I´m saying.


H said...

Underbart! Fler än jag och min vän Carro som tänker på och påminner varandra om det...skönt att höra! ;) Kul att se dig senast, hoppas det blir snart igen.
Många kramar!

mojo said...

Hej H!

Ja, visst är det viktigt!
(...och lätt att glömma bort...)

Detsamma, hoppas att träningsvärken inte var för svår "dagen efter"... :)