What goes around, comes around (or "Stick your head up your arse")


What do you do if you find out that someone has been back-talking one of your best friends?
To me it´s simple. I´d tell my friend about it.

Because that´s what I would want (and expect) my friends to do to me, if it was the other way around.

I´m extremely loyal and I want my friends to be of the same caliber. I would like my friends to stand up for me if I´m not there to defend myself.
If someone would be stupid enough to try and talk down a friend of mine to my face, I would bite his/her head off. Slowly (and as painfully as possible).
I can be severely revengeful and cruel if someone tries to hurt a person close to me.

What would I do if I found out that a person had been mouthing me off behind my back? Not neccessarly anything. Sometimes it´s just good to know where you have people. I have a very long memory span.

Why do we care so much about what other people think about us? Different reasons. We like to think that we are liked, that we are smart, that we are intelligent, etc etc.

I do seem to care less and less what other people say about me. Maybe you get more blasé the older you get, or maybe you just realize that it is impossible to be liked by everyone (so stop trying), sort of. Whatever the reason - life´s too short. Put the energy into the living & the loving people around you and let the others stick their heads up their arses. (That must be the saying of the week, mustn´t it?)


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