SAFE convention 27 september


Uuuuhhhhhmmm... I don´t actually feel too hot right now.
Larvik is way away from Oslo, I´ve just learned.
3h to be exact, by train and by bus.

It´s been a long day.
It was lovely seeing Cecilia, Maria, Oscar, Per, Camilla K, Annika and finally Matthew!

Also had a great chat with Anders Lindsjö at breakfast this morning. Anders is someone in the training industry that truly impresses me. Extremely knowledgeable and humble, he is the inspiration to my Olympic Weightlifting. At the moment he is involved with one of Sweden´s most interesting training companies at the moment, Elite training Sweden.

Anyway, back to the SAFE-convention...

My kettlebell class was interesting, since I found out about 5 minutes before the class that there weren´t enough kettlebells... I had to make a swift decision on how to deal with that challenge. Although far from optimal, I had to work the class in pairs, ie 2 people sharing 1 KB. People seemed happy, but I was not completely convinced.

The spinning class went well. Thanks to Terese Alvén who let me borrow the photograph below from her blog "Spark i baken" (since I had managed to leave my camera at home...)

Another déjà vu! This time from SuperSaturday! :)

I rushed away after my class to jump a plane to Oslo. Now it´s 22.34 and I´m tucked up in bed, HUNGRY. I will get better with my food planning, because when I´m traveling, it can hardly get any worse. Will probably have a VERY early breakfast tomorrow, not only because of an empty stomach, but also because my first class (yoga) is at 10am...


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