Day 2: Mental DETOX

So how did you do today?

I must admit that it wasn't to hard for me :) I love smiling, especially when I meet people on the street, in the gym, in my classes, I love the reaction I get!

BUT, it was a new dimension, a new sensasion to SMILE wh
en I was alone, by myself, trying to manage my IPhone, reading a complicated piece about the brain, trying to find my keys. When I thought about todays task a SMILE flew over my lipps and i feelt so much lighter, happier and more relaxed :)

So, preparing for tomorrow, this is our task:

Day 2: Learn a Technical Function!

Choose an appliance that you have never really understood how to use. For instance:

  • The dvd recorder
  • The delicates wash on your machine
  • A function on your mobile phone
  • A function on your car
  • Programing a padlock on your suitcase

Once you have chosen your appliance, choose a function that has always been pushed to the back of your mind or perhaps has always been labelled "someone else's job" - and quiet simply, teach yourself HOW TO DO IT!

TIP: Make sure you find something you WANT to solve. If you never use the dvd there will be little or no satisfaction in the learning process!

Lets ROCK Technology!

Have Fun Jo

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