Mushy, mushy pea


My head has been mush today. It feels like I was away for a week, not just a weekend. And I´m back in Norway this coming Thursday for about 20hrs.

Well, what made me feel better:

- meeting Mango this morning, gossiping about the weekend and planning stuff for the m&m functional tour 2009.

- my PT-session, which got me charged and ready for Spinning30 and kettlebell30.
2 fab classes where time just flew.

- deciding at the drop of a hat that we needed to book a holiday, P and I met for lunch and almost ran to Ticket.

The man behind the counter had probably not met many holiday shoppers like us before:

"Hello. We want to go away for a week in December and we need to be back by December 22. We want to go somewhere warm, somewhere sunny, where we can relax in a beautiful environment. We ABSOLUTELY do NOT want to go to Egypt, India or Morocco. We want minimum 4star accommodation and we would prefer a resort which is quiet and far away from mass tourism...?"

Man: "...ehhhh,hello....ok...Would you consider Thailand?"

Us: "Yes"

Man: "....anywhere in Thailand you definitely do NOT want to go to?"

We left the travel agents 15minutes later with 9 days of luxury at Andaman Princess Resort in Koh Kho Khao, Thailand, 11-20 december!


Andaman Princess Resort, Koh Kho Khao:


Jo said...

Can I come?!


mojo said...

You fit in my suitcase, so of course you can come!.... :*
See you at 4pm,