Sunday Bloody Amazing Sunday

Jo: Woke up at 920am (or my alarm woke me up) with a head the size of a giant watermelon (to much champagne anyone?). But who cares when you know that all you need to do is put on a cozy big sweater, dark sunglasses, slip into your Uggs and walk down the street 200m to sit your little touchy down at one of London’s BEST brasseries!
Yes bam thank you mam

Ask me if the fruit plate with honey and greek yoghurt came in at the right time?!
Perfectly accompanied by scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough and a creamy cappuccino to go with that. Thank you J for a bloody amazing Sunday starter!

After breakfast I walked down Portobello Road and ended up on my favorite street, Westbourne Grove where I just happened (read HAD TO, there was a SALE!) to step into Sienna Millers new store twentyeighttwelve. I left with a smile the size of London Bridge and one beautiful shopping bag (in each hand).

After that much hard work I enjoyed a yummy togo carrot/ginger juice and headed into Soho where I had lunch with a gorgeous up and coming designer who works at Liberty (do not miss this top of the line fashion castle). The Japanese lunch inspired me to dive deeper into the elements of life (earth, air (or is it wind mango:), fire and water according to some, MO might say it is fashion, fitness, food and sex. What are your elemts of life?). I LOVE Water so what could be better then diving into the pool at the 3rd SPACE. I'm thinking that this place is the blueprint of my dream business!

During the week I will dive even deeper into these places:

KX Gym
Life Center
Sanook Spa

And many more...

Don't let the bedbuggs bite

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Magnus said...


Tar mig friheten att skriva på svenska och får välkomna mojo till blogvärlden! Har sett en del promotion på Facebook, lite glest bland kommentarena så tänkte råda bot på det.. hehe. Rolig blog, addar er på min länklista!

Keep up!