Turn me on

Mo: What decides the chemistry between two people? Is it in the feromones? Is it in the body language? Is it in the way that you are both brought up and pre-conditioned to like someone with the same attitude/values/thoughts and strengths as your-beautiful-self? Is it true that opposites attracts or is that only initial curiosity? (...and then curiosity killed the cat...) or, as we say in Swedish "Children who are alike play best together" (...not really as cool in English...)

Whatever the reason, there will always be people that you automatically gravitate towards. People-men and women, because it does not have to be a sexual thing-who will turn you on intellectually, spiritually and mentally. People that you cannot get enough of and that you always enjoy spending time with.

Cherish these people and make time for them in your life. Make an inventory every six months or so, and you ask yourself: "Who in my life makes me feel great/intelligent/sexy/beautiful/smart and absolutely fabulous?"

Put those people on your priority-VIP-list and enjoy that chemistry to its full potential.

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