Wanna be startin something

Mo: Can I just say that I actually miss the time when music videos told a story? It´s most probably a sign of how old I´m getting, since the era of the story telling-music video had its hay day in the 80s.

I can clearly remember the evening (Dec 2, 1983) when Michael Jackson´s "Thriller"-video was released. I sat there, in my parents´ living room, ready and charged by the video recorder (yes children, in those times VHS was still the bomb...) and watched the incredible dancers/make up/story line with an open jaw, thinking "That is sooo coool!". Other memorable story telling-music video moments were Madonna´s (then controversial) "Like a prayer"-video, Aha´s cartoon for "Take on Me" and Wham´s "Last Christmas"...

How many can tell the difference between Rihanna´s latest videos? Jay-Z? Leona Lewis? Coldplay? Amy Winehouse? (Really, could that woman have a more suitable name????...)

This is why, in a gesture towards music history and my teenage years, my album of the month February 2008, has to be Michael Jackson´s "Thriller, 25th Anniversary Edition" - with the zombie cover, of course!

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