Body beautiful

Mo: In the big scheme of things the body is built for movement. Today was a day when that statement was tested down to the bone.

After a lovely morning yoga at 7.00 am (ohhh, how tough it is when the alarm goes at 6.15), (in which P thought I was on drugs, since I felt so energized half way through the class that I got them to work on handstands by the wall), I took part in Magnus Ringberg´s Core Interval class (weight plate+step board+mat + your own body weight = fun, hard, great work out) at noon..

I was sweating after 20min. My heart rate increased. My legs could feel it. My arms suffered during the push ups. I loved it.

Bless him.

I know his body transformation over the last 1-2 years has not only got to do with a lot of raw food and vitamin boosts, but also a lot to do with an absolutely amazing cross-training program.

We often discuss health and fitness and I count myself lucky to have such an inspiring friend/work colleague. We both agree that in the debate of fitness/health/weight loss, the majority of people would benefit from doing more simple, basic and tough training.

That´s one of the reason´s why we are doing our Functional training tour this spring. It will be a pleasure to take functional training around the country. Stockholm and Gothenburg is already sold out, but if you want to join us in either Oslo, Malmö, Luleå or Umeå, let us know!

Anyway, straight after the Core Interval class I had another hour of yoga. The body is amazing. The body simply loves moving.

Let´s celebrate our bodies more frequently - be happy about what we got and use it more often.

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