For the love of the bike

Mo: I love my spinning students. After 13yrs on the bike, thousands of songs/terrains/classes later-it´s still so much fun! ...and it has got all to do with the people who come to class...

At the moment I´m only teaching 1 regular spinning class at Gymnasium Sisjön per week, since I´m normally doing 3-4 spinning classes at weekend conventions/teacher trainings/etc, but that Wednesday 6pm class gives so much back it´s unbelievable.

My typical student right now is in his/her 40s´ to 50s´with a very mixed training schedule. Anything from weight training, golf, body pump, yoga, to running and spinning. In a full class of 40 spinners, about 40-50% will be men.
That´s a good number. I´m very proud of that.
(And no-I´m not wearing tight, cropped tops or even hot pants - but very un-sexy bike shorts and bike jerseys.)

Will I still be on the bike in 20yrs time? Hell yeah. Most probably. As long as my students keep on inspiring me and as long as I can find music that makes the small hairs on my arms stand erect, I will keep driving the flats and the mountains...

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