Action Versus Activity

JO: Coming home after teaching two amazing classes at Hagabadet, Gothenburg, I started thinking of my students. Today some of them started out really slow, smooth thinking that they should take it easy, and as they started to enjoy the movements, the flow they just couldn't help making it bigger, stronger, faster. I was amazed by their inner strenght. The TRUE fire, the one that won't burn you, that won't exhaust you, the ever burning one !

The mind always thinks in terms of utility, in terms of purpose and profit. When the mind disappears, action does not disappear, and there is a great difference between the two.
Activity is utility.
Action is pure joy, pure beauty.
You act not because something has to be achived, you act because action is a dance, a song. You act because you are so full of energy.

"Energy is delight" - William Blake

Action comes out of energy, out of delight. Activity is buisness-like. Activity creates a bondage, because it is result oriented, you are doing it not for its own sake, you are doing it for some goal. There is a motive, and then there is frustration. Out of a hundred cases, 99 times you will not achive the goal, so 99times you will be in misery, frustration. You did not enjoy the activity itself, you were waiting for the result. Now the result has come, and 99 times out of a hundred there is frustration. And don't hope for the remaining one %, because when you achive the goal there is frustration also. The goal is achived, but suddenly you realize that all the dreams you had been dreaming about the goal are not fulfilled.


We need balance, and that balance is possible only if you learn the art of being active yet remaining inactive inside. You have to find a synthesis. Be alert as the active person is, and be as relaxed as the lazy person is. Once these two are there together you are balanced, and your life will have a new flavor, a new joy, a new ectasy, which knows no bounds.


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