Shake what your mama gave you

There's something about a person who knows what they want and how they want it. They have the power to cast a spell on everyone around them, you don't even know why you're drawn to them, you just are. No matter how tall, short, stylish, unstylish they are, they're the one who peolpe look to for answers. They have a voice and isn't afraid to use it. And they leaves everyone to wonder, how did they get that way?

I say YES to the POWER of NOW!

Jo: Helsinki was amazing and now I'm bathing in the afterglow :) Speaking of GLOW, if you ever go to Helsinki this is THE place to stay at

I love the soarness in my body from jumping, throwing, shakin my booty around in powerfull AFRO dance classes this weekend. If you wanna try it or perhaps teach it check out www.afropowerdance.com

The Weekends HIGH was the company. I love spending time, playing around and sucking in inspiration from my beautiful co-workers. You all ROCK my world!
The second HIGH was the Hard-Core Finish participants who had endless of energy and a will made of iron, a big up to you guys!
The Weekends LOW was the lunch being served at the convention, yes it was warm (nice change to the pastasallad) but still it could have been more ALIVE with more vital energy in it! A second LOW goes to ME and the Headset which I constantlly droped during my AFRO class (was to vain to use the headset belt and insisted on keeping it in my big baggy pocket where it did not stay during my AFRO jumps). I looked at the face of the sound guy and I could see the pain in his eyes when the expensive apparatus fell into the floor for the third time. I am truly deeply sorry!

Thank you B for the amazing ALOE VERA my feet are in 7th heaven :) I guess you can use ALOE VERA everywhere for everything it seems like. What was the brand you used? Can you e-mail me so that I can share it with the world?!

The Theme for this first week in FEB 2008 is


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