One woman show

Mo: Having great friends can really lift the clouds from a rainy day. Adding to the fact that he is one of Sweden´s best personal trainers, M is always inspiring, happy and great company.
So at one of our favourite coffee places we pondered over business decisions, the past weekend and life.
We always seem to have masses of things to do, but we also try to take time out at least once a week to catch up on the latest.

The challenge of being a one (wo)man show in our business is how to make what you do more profitable without having to be there yourself. It really is a challenge, since in many ways you are your own product. So, unless you start selling something, producing something or employ other people, it´s very difficult to get your company to grow. Once you´re fully booked, you´re fully booked...and being busy is great, but it also means that you have less time making strategic decisions about the future...
That´s when good friends, who are also in the same line of work, comes into the picture...it´s hard, not to say impossible to brain-storm by yourself, and also quite boring. Meeting my closest friends (who all seem to be working with training & wellness in one way or the other) several times a week is not only a social thing, but it´s also my way of cross breeding the "work-fika-break" (A VERY Swedish phenomenon which normally includes coffee and cinnemon buns...) and "the-meeting room-brainstorming-session"...

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